That Fall Thing To Do!

That Fall Thing To Do!

This time of the year many households are bustling with activity and excitement.  Families are settling into their new back-to-school routines. Fall sports might be part of that fun as well. And, of course, thinking about the upcoming festive holidays are also top-of-mind. If this sounds familiar, then you might also be thinking about sprucing-up your home, too.

Many of the Fall improvement checklists include things like cleaning gutters, touch-up painting, raking leaves, washing exterior windows etc. However, if you have a DIY project that you’ve been putting off because you’re unsure how to tackle it, then you might want to hire a DIY Coach. We all have projects that require a little guidance and once we have that knowledge, traction comes naturally. And best of all, we can save money by not hiring a contractor.

DIY Coach has professional trades people on staff ready to guide you step-by-step. What are some of your challenges? Roof repairs? Electrical repairs? Plumbing problems? Or maybe you are trying to figure out a unique painting project.

Our DIY Coach’s will spend time with you via a video call, seeing, listening and guiding you on your project.  Our goal is to help you complete that pesky project faster, with confidence and satisfaction, so you can get back to enjoy all the things that makes Fall so much fun.

Happy doing it yourself!


Chris Menard

Chris Menard

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