How to Paint Wall Stencils That Look Great

How to Paint Wall Stencils That Look Great

Wall stencils are a great way to create a unique look for your home. Stenciled walls can add charm and beauty to a house and are often the perfect addition to an accent wall. They can also help to cover up a host of problems that are commonly found in older homes as well.

It can be hard to know how to stencil a wall when you haven’t done it before. You can hire a professional painter to stencil a wall in your home, but many homeowners choose to do their own DIY wall stencils to help stretch their home improvement budget. Check out these tips on how to paint wall stencils that look great in your home:

Choose A Simple Stencil

While intricate stencils are gorgeous, they aren’t the best choice for those homeowners who are new to the DIY scene. Choosing a simple stencil for a wall will help you begin to learn about the process without getting overwhelmed. Before covering an entire wall with a stencil, I recommend starting with a small area to practice on. This could include a small DIY wall stencil in a half bathroom or even the inside of a bedroom closet to help hone your skills. Simple designs that include straight lines or basic shapes will help make your first stenciling project a success.

Select the Right Color Contrast

While you may have the perfect stencil picked out, it can be harder to know what color to choose for the project. Always take into consideration the color of the wall and how much you want the design to stand out within the room. Colors that differ significantly will create a bold look, while shades that are closer in hue are more subtle.

For example, painting a black stencil on a white wall will be very easy to see within the home. Creating a gold stencil on a taupe or beige wall will create a softer look overall. Understanding the way that you want the room to look and feel at the end of the project is a large part of how to stencil a wall correctly.

Square Up Designs

You may think that you don’t need a level to apply a stencil, but think again! Many older homes have walls that may look straight to the naked eye but are quite crooked once measured. This means that you could start stenciling on one side of your wall only to run into problems at the other end.

Make sure to square up your stencil design so that it fits entirely on the wall. You may need to cut off a portion of the stencil to make the overall design smaller. It is best to square up the layout to both the floor and ceiling for the best results. However, when you have to choose, I prefer to square up wall stencils to the ceiling as most people notice the ceiling line before they see the floor line.

Prevent Paint Bleeding

The entire point of stenciling a wall is to create a crisp and clean pattern. Many DIY homeowners have trouble with bleeding paint edges that either seep underneath the template or spiderweb on the surface of the wall. One method to prevent paint bleeding is securing the stencil to the wall. This includes spraying the back of the template with a stencil adhesive as well as outlining it with painter’s tape. Another method used to prevent paint bleeding is called “offloading”. After you have evenly loaded your roller or brush, remove any excess paint onto a paper towel, and apply in layers over the stencil.

Use the Best Tape

A considerable part of any painting project involves buying quality painters tape. There are plenty of different brands available that are great at ensuring crisp lines while painting. Buying a cheap brand will save you money at the register, but it won’t save you time or stress when peeling off the paint at the end of the project. Do yourself a favor and invest in a good painter’s tape that does the job well.

Creating a stenciled wall in your home is a great way to give your home an upgraded look that doesn’t cost much. Adding subtle details to areas of your home help create a unique and cozy atmosphere. Choosing a DIY wall stencil is a creative and cost-effective way to upgrade the look of your home.

If you’re still having trouble knowing what would look best in your home, schedule a call with a painting coach for answers to all of your questions along with my expert advice. Follow all of these tips on how to paint wall stencils that look great.

Coach Sandi has over 20 years of experience covering all aspects of interior painting.

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