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Faster project completion

 Our experts have decades of experience and will provide advise on the best way to complete your project. 

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A finished project to brag about

Our experts share their tips and tricks on how to complete your deck project like a pro.

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Here to support your DIY dreams!

Have a unique issue not covered on YouTube? We can answer your specific questions.

Because you can’t ask a video a question

We provide answers to your decking questions

Our coaches are verified EXPERTS!

Why will we make your deck project easier? Because the experience our coaches have.

Vetted and verified as an expert in building decks

At least 10 years of professional experience

Screened for desire and ability to advise and support DIYers

We collect customer feedback from each call

We know the tips and tricks, because we have already completed a project just like yours.

If you are unhappy with the advice you receive, let us know. We will find you another coach or provide a full refund.

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15-Minute Call

$ 25
  • Video call with an expert
  • Great for a simple question

30-Minute Call

$ 49
  • Video call with an expert
  • Great for a few questions

Deck Package

$ 139
  • Intro 1/2 hour video call
  • Two follow up 1/2 hr video calls
  • High level project plan
  • Expert advice on all calls

How we compare

DIY Coach
Google / YouTube
Detailed advice specific to your project
Support from an expert
Return on investment
A new deck to brag about

(1) – ROI is dependent on amount of rework

(2) – Dependent on time researching and on results found

Answers for your specific questions and advice for your deck project!

Here are just some of the questions we can answer:

  • How to layout stair stringers?
  • How to install stair railings?
  • Deck layout & footing spacing?
  • Deck design options for your space?
  • The right footings for your area and your design?
  • Lag bolts, joist hangers, screws vs nails… What are the right fasteners for your project?

Our Mission

I started this company to help homeowners, like myself, find an easier way to complete DIY projects. I love the feeling of accomplishment I get when I complete a home improvement project.

Our mission is to provide support and expert advice to homeowners so they can complete their next project with professional results and build some home equity along the way. I look forward to helping you with your next project.

Chris Menard

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