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Quick Coach

$ 25
  • 15 minute video call with a Coach

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$ 49
  • 1/2 hour video call with a Coach

Extended Coach

$ 89
  • 1 hour video call with a Coach

Dedicated Coach

  • Have a bigger DIY project in mind and want support throughout the project?
  • We'll create a custom coaching program that aligns with your needs.

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If for any reason you are unhappy with the advice you receive, let us know.  We will find you another coach or provide a full refund.

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Example of a typical coaching call

Coaching sessions are conducted on Zoom. Details are provided once the call is booked. Make sure you add it to your calendar!

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Additional Notes:

As permitted by time, coaches can also provide the following: a high level project plan and suggested materials.

* Building codes: Due to the local nature of building codes, we cannot offer advice on required building codes if applicable.

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