Satisfaction Guarantee

We want to ensure that working with DIY Coach is helpful and educational. We work hard on recruiting only the best experts in their field. That said, if we didn’t live up to your expectations, we want to make things right and guarantee your satisfaction.

If after your call with a Coach, you are unhappy with the advice you received, please email us at support@diy.coach. It would be helpful if you notify us within 24 hours of the call so that your Coach doesn’t do extra work related to your project or questions. If we didn’t do a good job matching the right expert for your situation, we find you another expert for you to work with. If after a call with a different Coach, you still feel that we are not living up to our promise to educate you on the project at hand, please let us know, and we will offer a full refund. All issues need to be reported with one month to receive a full refund.

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